Shredding technology


Multi-purpose shredder


Our multi-purpose shredders are characterised above all by their fl exible application possibilities with regards to volume reduction, conditioning and material separation. They convince by high throughput, quality, reliability and economy. Processable materials are besides wood (waste wood, pallets incl. metal parts) electronic scrap, cables, organic waste, market waste, glass fi bre wallpaper and others.


data sheet "shredding technology"


Setup and function

The large hopper is suitable for pallets and other packaging materials. Filling can be done optionally with a conveyor belt, screw, forklift or manually. A hydraulic pressing device leads the material to the cutting area of the rotor. It is controlled automatically load-dependent and can be regulated at the control cabinet. The rotor is made of quenched and tempered steel. The grounded cutting plates are located in milled-in knife pockets on special knife carriers. This system guarantees high throughput capacity with low energy consumption, optimum discharge of the shredded material and easy maintenance. The semi-circular sieve mounted in front of the rotor determines the size of the final fineness. The sieve is easily accessible and replaceable. The low speed guarantees low wear and long service life of the change tools. After shredding impurities will be removed.


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